BORIS GIULIAN                                                                  

"Enjoy" says slyly Boris Giulian, author calm but passionate, the sharp intelligence ancestrally affectionate, living embodiment of his own feelings.

Boris the artistic process is primarily concerned with the dialogue established with fresh and new perspectives on the canvas, to entertain the audience. 

The author who accompanies us and what intrigues most of his paintings, addressing his smile deep and disarming; inviting, with a slight nod of the body and hands, watching his paintings, repeating "enjoy".

Large harmonic boxes brightly colored, make up a sample of a larger series of works dedicated to each one Nation State of the five continents.

Each work in this series, in which nations are seen and read as human families, is examined through the corrective lens of understanding and tolerance.

The common element of each painting are the flowers, made with care, in different varieties chosen.

The flowers are indispensable for Boris, symbol, representation of thought, intellect, they are short, what has allowed the human race to evolve.

At this point it is already clear that this painting, as geographically differentiated, is all belonging to the vast United artistic Symbolism, but not just that the game author.

Traveling in these paintings the soul is light because Boris, by taking her hand, guides us, with a smile, within its symbolism depicted with images of a fresh derivation Surrealist.

Every great image, designed in the size of the golden section, extends horizontally in front of us hiding within himself the mystery of meanings and allusions that go beyond the obvious, as this artist does not imitate nature but interprets it.

Large naure death, quietly against the walls, you have to read with a mischievous smile. The color gives the rhythm to the composition, a pace that interprets the general harmony of the nation, felt, perceived and reworked symbolically and with a touch of surreal irony Author.

Light and color are fully managed and coordinate according to a symbolic choice, creating the basic composition of the harmonious and ironic poetry reading of these paintings that play with fruiture a difficult game simobolico-surreal played with a single deck of cards, though composed by cards of different decks.

In each image are hidden letters of different alphabets, all languages ​​are spoken and quietly mixed in a Babel universal language that transcends the esperanto in a sublimation supranational language that does not need sound to communicate, the images are universal and do not have need translation, such as music transcend borders and prior knowledge, making us urgere in instances primordial humanity.

Covering paintings is easy to perceive a painting based on a philosophy of life marked by the idea of ​​peace, where the conflict, in every field, there is, resolved by the harmony between thought and human will.

Boris conveys interest in the differences between nation and nation, history and history, men and women; his is an art that evokes mutual understanding between the members of our human family, eliminating racial, national, social or any other type.

Entering into the paintings you must proceed carefully in the analysis and in the path that guides us through the images: there are so many elements and, although quiet in the order of this "forced nature", you feel there is much, much, and you runs the risk of tripping for not "seen" something. 

Yet the paintings are sharp, not a flaw, not a trap apparent to the eye, colors and elements invite to slip slightly on the smooth surface where the material is stretched thin, with no lumps or concrescimenti.

But the forest of symbols to untangle is not limited to those paintings, must also extend to the supports and frames.

The whole body of the painting is the medium that Boris used to convey the content and its message is strong and unique: you can not escape from its ads.

The path compositional author began long ago, reflecting on what material is best suited as a support to the painting, as a symbolic initial choice, to interpret the chosen nation. The canvas is chosen only for those states where it is deemed appropriate as a characteristic element, in other situations the support is aluminum, or even marble or other materials, seemingly divorced from the artistic sphere, these decisions reached at the end of a complex conceptual process, we show how rigorous and precise is the poetic that this artist wants to use in composing his works.

Looking at the paintings in the exhibition dedicated to Italy begins its complex symbolism obviously from the language, which is explicit in Latin mottos and proverbs engraved in a sturdy frame of burnished iron like a band that surrounds the entire panel painting.

The oil painting material is stretched out on a marble support that welcomes, with spasmodic order, different symbolic elements that allow a real tour of Italy.

The smooth surfaces do not appear dissimilar between the one and the top of these pictures, and this is the game of mirrors, a continuous return between surrealism and symbolism, that run slipping joyous as their author, on smooth, clean surfaces " game ".

Game in the game, ironically discreet, almost like a movie brilliant hand in hand with Cary Grant.

Arm in arm with Cary Grant, as in a comedy American, but without losing a sense of humor perfectly controlled and very British.

Sophisticated, therefore, ironic, good-natured and true, explosives and stiff, these paintings slyly affect us to invite us to play guessing games in a calm and measured by the golden section implied that 'the rhythm of poetry multilingual and supranational declaimed on these surfaces as a program, a creed, an existential choice.

Florence, 10 December 2011 Emanuela Catalano